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Come fly with me, Sockhead by Nintendo-Nut1

This is a good picture all in all but there are some things that are just slightly off. Mostly it's just the body proportions like how ...

APH Portrait by Espeonsilverfire2

At first glance, it's an ... awesome picture. ;D But when you really look at it, Al looks like he has too much flab >>;; I mean, come o...


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The idiot who spelt Ghost as Chost...( + _+)
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United States
Firstly, I dun know what a bio is... Never done one o mo;;

Well... I've like drawing since I was able to use a pencil. Got me in trouble when I drew that giant flower on the wall... I started to draw more better in Elementary when it struck me that people do NOT look like sticks... My oldest sister was the one who inspired me I guess. She pointed out that a lot of things in my drawings. Like their feet don't go sideways and such. Only until I moved back to Hawaii did I really get into drawing and started to improve. During the two years on Molokai I started to draw (crappy) pictures. When we moved to Oahu did I get better, better.

I'm into anime (obviously), Cartoon Network, Nick, and Disney/XD. I think the current CN is totally crappy and want the older shows back on. = 3= Some are good but... meh. When I mentioned Disney (not the XD) I meant the classic movies/shows. I'm not all that into live-cation. Never was. Only live-action I will watch is Superheroes, Tower Prep, some Disneys, and the crime shows like Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, NCIS(s), etc.

First Fav Manga: Mega Man NT Warior
First Fav Anime: Shaman King

When it comes to music I pretty much listen to whatever is good by my standards... I usually like Pop, J-pop, K-pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, some metal, and Disney songs. By Disney the older Movie songs and some current ones. Not much into Country with some exemptions.
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FRINKN' A! I hate it when crap like this happens!

My WHOLE family is full of sarcastic people, right? My siblings, parents, ex-parents, relatives, me, EVERYONE!! D<

Well, apparently, not everyone. I've recently moved into my Aunti's house along with my brother and mom. My cousin lives here too.

My cousin is a very soft person. VERY! SOFT! She will cry if a caught taco (squid) is poked. But she's also sarcastic SOME times, at least 5 times a day!

Apparently I went too far with a sarcasm war we were doing. She left the house. I didn't even know this until My aunti said so.

So I need to tone down the sarcasm. Not that easy. REALLY not that easy! I am very sarcastic, blunt, and sassy person. Sure, I can be sensitive, caring, emotional, but they ARE NOT my default settings! It's not what I am ALL the time, of every day!

She's locked into her room right now after my Aunti received her.
To make matters worse, my brother's taking out all the stops to blame me even more. It is NOT my fault that my tone comes out sarcastic sounding!

Just a while ago he said "That's not my cup." 'cause I showed him this empty cup on the armrest. Then I hummed "M-hm."

Brother: "No, that's not my cup!"

Me: "M-hm..."

Brother: "Why do you have to do that?! See, this is what Mom was talking about!"

FDSBKFDBNGHSROHBRJWEAVMLDERMB~!!  So freakin' ANNOYING!! I didn't do anything at ALL! Before that, be said the exact same thing when I kept replying "Yup" when he was telling me the dishes in the sink weren't his. I mean, I hear him the first time he says this stuff! I'm not deaf! I can hear him! JEEZ!!


Of course, it not like I can say any of this to anyone in the house...

Sigh.... Well, that's my rant.

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